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Welcome to Issue 268 of IBOtoolbox News! There are so many marketing platforms on the Internet that you could simply give your money away to. IBOtoolbox is completely different! Not only is IBOtoolbox FREE, but also by being an active member of IBOtoolbox, building relationships and positively promoting your business, you will get results! I encourage all of you to get "all in" with your business and at IBOtoolbox! Don't sit on the sidelines watching; create your own success - participate and make things happen for you! Thank you for reading IBOtoolbox News, enjoy your newsletter!

Here Is What's Happening at IBOtoolbox!
It's important to keep in mind that social networking sites are designed to enable others to communicate with others, network and build relationships. IBOtoolbox is not any different. It's all about keeping it real! Make sure to upload a picture of yourself - not a product or a logo and have your profile set up so that others can see what you do. You'll get much better results if you just be YOU!

How to Use IBO Credits To Build Your Team - Training
IBOtoolbox has many resources available to help you build your team. Not only does IBO generate tons of targeted, organic search engine traffic, help you brand yourself and your product or service, but it also rewards members for doing certain tasks. These tasks are things that you would normally do throughout the day starting with completing your profile, commenting on PRs and videos if you maintain 5 stars, publishing press releases, referring others to IBOtoolbox as well as completing tasks through TrialPay located at the credit center. By doing these tasks, you are awarded free credits. These credits can be used for advertising banner and/or listing ads at IBOtoolbox and its family of websites.

In addition to earning free credits, IBOtoolbox gives out over 1000 credits each week to all participating members such as Daily Bonus Coupon Codes available 2 times per day, reading the IBOtoolbox Newsletter, attending the Wednesday Training Webinar and while using this platform, IBOtoolbox admin will from time to time, post credit codes onto the IBO wall (dashboard). And finally, you can also purchase credits or subscribe to ClubIBO to get even more credits!

All of these credits can also be used to help build your team! Here are some ways that can help you and your team be more successful using credits:

1. When inviting new members to IBOtoolbox, you might offer them an extra 100 credits for joining from your invite link. They can then use these credits to advertise their business which in turn helps both of you succeed. You can easily transfer these 100 credits to them once their join by using the Transfer Credit feature located on the IBO Member Viewer.

2. Another idea would be to split the 200 (400 if you are a contributor) credits you earn when a new member completes their profile. Using the Transfer Credit feature you transfer 100 credits to them as a way of thanking them for completing their profile and earning their first star.

3. A lot of leaders purchase a bigger credit package and then give away or offer credits to their team.

These are just a few ideas of how you can build your team. Get creative and just remember, the more you can get your team to engage and interact, the more your business will succeed and it will really be a win/win for all!

IBOtoolbox Tip of the Week!
When using the IBOtoolbox messenger or chat system, it is not recommended to try and sell your associates by including links to your opportunity. You can promote your business as much as you want on the wall and through banner and/or listing ads as well as PRs. Utilize the IBO messenger and chat system to build real business relationships!
IBOtoolbox Training and Webinar Information
Training is an important part for those that want to be successful in any business. Members are encouraged to take time to learn how to use the platform and utilize all the tools to get the best results! Here's how you can take advantage of the training available to learn how to leverage the power of IBO!

IBO Training: - Members are invited to MarketWithKris.com Online Marketing Training Platform. Register for free, view the powerful video training series and earn up to 2,250 IBO credits for completing the IBOtoolbox Training! Training is critical to your success! If you are brand new to IBO, this fast start training has been created with you in mind! Veteran members can easily stay in tune with this up to date training as well!

Webinar Information: IBO Training Webinar is held weekly on Wednesdays at 8:00 PM EST. This is a live question and answer session giving the attendees the opportunity to ask questions about the IBO platform and its family of websites. All attendees must register for the webinar by visiting www.ibourl.com/webinar Once you register for the webinar, you will receive your personalized entry link in an email from GoToWebinar. Emails will also go out prior to the webinar as reminders. A special credit coupon code will be given out only to those members who attend the "live" event at the end of the webinar worth 400 credits that can be redeemed for advertising! If you miss attending the webinar, they are recorded and the latest one is available to view here!
IBO's Family of Websites!
IBOtoolbox consists of a whole family of websites! Each website/platform runs independently and offers you a different resource to help you take your business to the next level! Members will need to register for each platform.

IBOtoolbox This is really your back office where you complete your profile, set up advertising, write press releases, post videos, post on the wall and interact with the other members.

IBOsocial Profiles Everyone has a profile page that is visible to the public. Everything you do on IBOtoolbox is seen on your profile page.

Rebrandable Traffic A state of the art Internet website traffic distribution system. Pulling traffic in from over 31 thousand websites around the world, redirecting hundreds of thousands of web visitors to customer websites everyday. RT has an Alexa Booster built in, which can lower those Alexa ratings by simply using our traffic. Free trial, no payment required. Members have the ability to rebrand and resell the traffic as well as referring others to the platform to earn commissions.

IBObanners At IBObanners you have access to a huge banner library, unlimited banner hosting, and a banner maker/creator where you can design your own banners from scratch or use one of the many templates and personalize it with your own text.

IBOextra IBOextra is IBO's inhouse banner exchange network. Advertise your business with banners for free on members websites as well as various locations throughout the entire IBO network.

IBOtube Media Sharing Platform Create your own channel and upload videos, photos, audios as well as participate in the forums and join or start a new group.

IBOlist Classified Ad System IBOlist classified ad system is a modern version of Craigslist being 100% dedicated to Independent Business Owners, Internet marketers, MLMers, and affiliate marketers. This system is SEO optimized, equipped with social media sharing, comment/feedback system and mobile optimized.

IBOexchange Social Media Traffic Exchange This is a traffic exchange and more. You pick and choose who you want to follow on other social networks. You can also get more likes, followers and views to your website or social media pages. You earn coins for each exchange you make.

IBOstats This is a full featured website stats and valuation platform specifically design for Internet marketers and small business owners.

IBO will continue to grow and expand! Those members who embrace everything that IBO has to offer will no doubt have the advantage over their competition! Go IBO!
Introducing the IBO Custom Order Package
IBOtoolbox is the best place to brand you and get your business the exposure it needs. The IBO Custom Order Package is now available at IBOtoolbox! If you are looking to extend your advertising reach by purchasing additional IBOtoolbox Credits, IBOlist Credits, IBOexchange Coins or VIP Days, becoming part of ClubIBO, or even a custom banner design contact me by submitting a support ticket at the IBOHelpdesk and I'll put together an IBO package for you specifically tailored to your needs. Tell me what you are interested in and what your marketing budget is. If you are not sure what you need, we can set up a time to chat live!
Newsletter Credit Code
We would like to thank you for reading the IBOtoolbox newsletter. As a reward for being an active member with the IBOtoolbox platform we would like to award you with a credit code. This credit code can be redeemed for advertising within the IBOtoolbox platform! This credit code can be redeemed for advertising within the IBOtoolbox platform! Credit Code:
"news-getallin" To redeem the credit code, log into IBOtoolbox, click on "Credit Center", then click "Redeem Coupon", follow the instructions within the IBO Credit Code Redeemer box to unlock the redemption tool, enter in the code, and click "redeem coupon". Credit code expires on the release of the next edition. Thank you for using IBOtoolbox!
Banners, Graphics, and More...
Using banner graphic ads, IBOsocial customization and other graphics are a great way to brand you and your team! There is no limit on how you can use these graphics for branding. Adding a professional picture of yourself, your name to the banner, or your team name to your graphic are different ways that you can brand yourself and make yourself stand out when you are competing with so many other opportunities. Ask yourself this question: why would someone want to join my business or my team versus someone else's team or business?

Another thing to consider is to keep your banner advertising fresh. If you are using the same banner graphic over time to promote your business, eventually you are going to see a decline in your results. What happens is your prospects are going to glaze over your banner because they've seen it so often. This is similar to using the same banners that everyone in your business opportunity is using to promote with. Call it what you will - saturation, blindness, etc. So what can you do to avoid this? Simply put, change it up! When your click through rate or results start to tank, it's time for a new design or a different look! To stay ahead of your competition, you need to stand out and be unique! Change the coloring, the wording, and the images!

IBObanners is a great resource available to you where you get access to ready made banners for different business opportunities or templates that you can customize for your business with text, graphics, etc! IBObanners will host all of your banners, plus give you access to a banner maker where you can create your own banners!

Special BUSINESS BUILDER IBOstarter Pack: Purchase any 728X90 banner, static or animated - receive a FREE duplicate 468X60 banner to run on your IBOsocial profile page! Click here to place your order. Free set up and activation in your IBOtoolbox account as well as free hosting is included for both banners plus 1000 IBO credits transferred to your account!

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Robin Robinson  - www.ibosocial.com/RRobinson   3 day(s) ago
Thanks Kris for another informative Newsletter. The tips about giving credits to those who sign up with you is great. And may be a nice incentive to get them to take action at least put up their Profile.
RUFUS CROSS  - www.ibosocial.com/ecopower78   5 day(s) ago
Thanks for the continued info. and bountiful resources that you espouse.
Fred Mugone  - www.ibosocial.com/fredds   5 day(s) ago
Kris, another newsletter jam packed with lots of useful information. Thanks for the great job you always do.
Sule Yesufu  - www.ibosocial.com/sdymanagers   6 day(s) ago
Issue 268 Newsletter is really great. Thank you Kris.
Terri Pattio  - www.ibosocial.com/mspattiomentor   6 day(s) ago
Great tip of the week about using the chat system, and using IBO credits to help build your team. ~Terri Pattio - MLM Coach/Mentor with a servant's heart
Lenzie O Winstead  - www.ibosocial.com/diggity   6 day(s) ago
This day light saving time have psychological effect on some individual, it throw me off my game. How about you?
Athena Gay  - www.ibosocial.com/AthenaGlobal   6 day(s) ago
Happy Sunday Kris & Fellow Associates! This weekly IBOT Newsletter and capturing those bonus credits is a treasure we should all be willing to be shared with our associates and team members every opportunity you have. Don't be selfish - spread the good news so we can GROW IBO! :D
Tony Koker  - www.ibosocial.com/TonyKoker   6 day(s) ago
Credits, connecting and courses ... great stuff!