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Welcome to Issue 161 of IBOtoolbox News! The key to any successful marketing strategy is making a sale. In order to do that, it can take a real bite out of your wallet and if you are just starting out, you might not be able to afford resources to get you there. That's where IBO comes in! At IBOtoolbox, it's all about branding you and your business in a very professional manner! IBOtoolbox is 100% free and if you utilize the platform properly, there is no limit on your success! Building a business relationship first by offering valuable solutions to other marketers always opens the door of opportunity for you! Thank you for reading IBOtoolbox News, enjoy your newsletter!
Here's What's Happening at IBOtoolbox!
IBOtoolbox has just out done itself again! This past week the developers have created a classified ad system specifically designed to suit the needs of IBOs (Independent Business Owners). Sites like Craigslist have been a valuable resource for Network Marketers to promote their business, however the rules have been "tightened up" when it comes to posting business opportunities making it really difficult to utilize that resource. Introducing IBOlist! IBOlist caters to Entrepreneuers, Network Marketers, MLMers, Internet Marketing and small business owners! Take advantage of this new resource and head on over to IBOlist, register and set up your listings!

Here are the current stats for IBOtoolbox according to Alexa:

Global Rank: 14,309 US Rank: 14,003

IBOsocial.com Global Rank: 21,981 US Rank: 10,188

IBO's average daily traffic is 250,000 and has close to 100,000 active members! It is so important that you have your profiles set up completely, your advertising running and participate in the platform - this is how others learn more about you and your business! Add content every single day by writing PRs, posting on wall, commenting and interacting with the other members at IBO. If you do this, the more exposure you will get! Keep in mind that 96% of the traffic coming to IBO is non-member traffic! It's important to always put your best foot forward as these visitors are actually interested in what you have to offer!
Sharing a Wall Post (IBOspirit) - Training
By participating in IBOspirit, you are helping generate even more traffic for IBO! Those members that like, share and comment on posts generally get more traffic back to their profile page. When you engage in IBOspirit, others will often return the favor! This is a win/win situation for all as the more traffic we create as a community, the more our businesses and products will be seen!

IBOtoolbox News is looking for members that want to help out with the newsletter by being a Guest Writer. This is a great opportunity for you to earn an extra 500 credits and extra exposure and also help other members learn about the amazing tools and resources we have available to us here at IBO. We are looking for members to share their expertise or insight on how to use an IBO feature or tool; think of it as a training article. The article must be approximately 300-500 words. Please do not submit articles that serve as a promotion for IBOtoolbox. Send your article to editor@ibotoolboxnews.com If your article is selected, it will be published in the newsletter and appear here, giving you full credit as the Guest Writer with a link back to your IBOsocial profile page, along with awarding you 500 credits!
IBOtoolbox Tip of the Week!
Every ad that is ran on IBO has 2 links. One link goes to the ad target (your URL) and one back to your IBOsocial profile. This is really important to understand as many members use the link that goes back to your IBOsocial profile to learn more about you. Both links are counted as clicks so keep in mind that if you are tracking clicks with a 3rd party software, not all clicks will show because some of them are clicks back to your IBOsocial profile.

Special Note: Looking for more tips? Just visit the IBOhelpdesk FAQ Section!
IBOtoolbox Training Webinar Information
By attending the IBO webinars, members will learn how to use the platform and utilize all the tools to get results! If you are already a member, invite guests to attend so they can see first hand how IBOtoolbox can take their business to the next level!

Webinar Information: IBO Training Webinars are held twice a week on Wednesdays at 8:00 PM EST and Saturdays at 12:00 PM EST. All attendees must register for each webinar by visiting www.ibourl.com/webinar Once you register for the webinar, you will receive your personalized entry link in an email from GoToWebinar. Emails will also go out prior to the webinar as reminders. Make sure to register for the next upcoming webinar now! If you happen to miss a webinar, no worries! Webinars are recorded and the latest one is available to view here!

IBO webinars are a fantastic recruiting tool as well as a great opportunity to introduce people to IBOtoolbox by offering them something that is this valuable, could very well lead to opportunity for you in the future! Whether you are just getting started with IBOtoolbox or are a veteran member, training is critical to your success. Attendees receive a credit code worth 200 credits at the end of the webinar that can be redeemed for advertising!
IBO's Family of Websites
IBOtoolbox consists of a whole family of websites! Each website/platform runs independently and offers you a different resource to help you take your business to the next level! Members will need to register for each platform.

IBOtoolbox This is really your back office where you complete your profile, set up advertising, write press releases, post videos, post on the wall and interact with the other members.

IBOsocial Profiles Everyone has a profile page that is visible to the public. Everything you do on IBOtoolbox is seen on your profile page.

IBOaffilate Network At IBOaffiliate merchants join the network and offer commissions to affiliates (you) who promote their products and services for them.

IBObanners At IBObanners you have access to a huge banner library, unlimited banner hosting, and a banner maker/creator where you can design your own banners from scratch or use one of the many templates and personalize it with your own text.

IBOtube Media Sharing Platform Create your own channel and upload videos, photos, audios as well as participate in the forums and join or start a new group.

IBOgigs Micro Job Platform At IBOgigs you can offer a service to other members or place an order for a service you need. You can also network and provide feedback on the seller and the job.

IBOexchange Social Media Traffic Exchange This is a traffic exchange and more. You pick and choose who you want to follow on other social networks. You can also get more likes, followers and views to your website or social media pages. You earn coins for each exchange you make.

IBO will continue to grow and expand! Those members who embrace everything that IBO has to offer will no doubt have the advantage over their competition! Go IBO!
Raving Reviews!
People love to hear and read reviews! Reviews help improve the rankings - this helps everyone, not just IBOtoolbox! You can write a review on IBOtoolbox.com, IBOsocial.com or IBOurl.com Just visit Alexa and write a review on one or all three sites!
Newsletter Credit Code
We would like to thank you for reading the IBOtoolbox newsletter. As a reward for being an active member with the IBOtoolbox platform we would like to award you with a credit code. This credit code can be redeemed for advertising within the IBOtoolbox platform! This credit code can be redeemed for advertising within the IBOtoolbox platform! Credit Code: "news-educate" To redeem the credit code, log into IBOtoolbox, click on "Credit Center", scroll down to "Redeem Credit Coupons", enter in the code, and click "redeem". Credit code expires on the release of the next edition. Thank you for using IBOtoolbox!
Banners, Graphics, and More...
So many of us suffer from what I like to call "digital distraction". It's easy to get distracted because there is just so much to see and learn on the Internet. As users, we try to quickly gloss over websites to find what brought us there in the first place.

Banner graphic advertising is an extremely effective way to get through all the digital clutter and connect with your prospects. Good quality banner graphics will capture attention prompting the visitor to click on your banner ad boosting your click through rate.

In general, people respond better to images or graphics - banner graphic design is all about creating visual eye candy. The beauty of banner graphic ads is that you can have both images and text on the banner. It's important to standout, but at the same token you don't want to clutter your banner graphic with too many images or text.

Every banner graphic designed at Bizopbanners.com is unique to the person ordering. I invite you to come over and take a look at how I can help you promote your business, and while you're there make sure to click here to read what other IBO members are saying about their experience with Bizopbanners!

Another resource that is available to you to make your own banners and graphics is IBObanners. At IBObanners you will find a huge library of banners to use for almost every business, a place to host your banners and a banner creator with templates available, the ability to upload images and create your own banners and graphics from scratch! Visit IBObanners and set up your 7 day trial!

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Jenni Barley  - www.ibosocial.com/Jennib   24 hour(s) ago
Kris, thank you for another outstanding newsletter and for all you do for us!
Ronald Lorde  - www.ibosocial.com/Oneron   49 hour(s) ago
It would appear that Ibo is constantly looking for ways to promote us and our businesses. We should take advantage of this as it is the most developed and advance business social platform on the net. Go IBO! Wow!
Jr R Nahan  - www.ibosocial.com/JrRNahan   57 hour(s) ago
Thanks for sharing the training! All the best!
Jaye Carden  - www.ibosocial.com/jayecarden   2 day(s) ago
The newsletter is always a resourceful piece of work! Thanks IBO!
Betty Waldron  - www.ibosocial.com/bettywaldron   3 day(s) ago
Thanks for sharing Kris and all you do!
Riliwan Oladimeji  - www.ibosocial.com/really14life   3 day(s) ago
Thanks for updating us all "Kris"...
Janice Mobsby  - www.ibosocial.com/mobsby   3 day(s) ago
Thanks Kris for another great Newsletter..It's great to learn about IBO List..IBO just keeps getting better!
wellington warlock  - www.ibosocial.com/securityonone   3 day(s) ago
Thank you Kris for continually doing this. More power to you.
Curtis Staggs  - www.ibosocial.com/curtisstaggs   3 day(s) ago
Thanks for the continued support with great tips and training.
Mary Mirembe  - www.ibosocial.com/mmirembe   3 day(s) ago
Another great addition to the IBO family. IBOlist is going to be a hit! Thanks Kris for your efforts to keep us up to date. Go IBO!
Trena Puentes  - www.ibosocial.com/trenagp   3 day(s) ago
Thank you Kris for another great newsletter!
Terri Pattio  - www.ibosocial.com/mspattiomentor   3 day(s) ago
That's great news about IBOlist. IBOtoolbox just keeps getting better and better. Go IBO! ~Terri Pattio - MLM Coach/Mentor with a servant's heart
Lesley Pope  - www.ibosocial.com/Lesley   3 day(s) ago
It's always good to hear that another system has been created by IBOToolbox. The latest one 'IBOlist', is another great tool for all IBOers.
Dale Brown  - www.ibosocial.com/DABtravel   4 day(s) ago
Looking forward to learning more about what IBOlist can do and planning to sign up. Nice going IBO, keep up the good work.
Trey Neill  - www.ibosocial.com/traceallen   4 day(s) ago
Another win for IBO!!!! I'm excited about IBOlist!! Thanks Kris for creating yet another avenue for us to get exposure for our business!
ed Diop  - www.ibosocial.com/leveraging22   4 day(s) ago
Great Newsletter Kris! I agree Irene! Banners do work best some times! Go IBO!
Irene Blackett  - www.ibosocial.com/onscreenrene   4 day(s) ago
Great info as always Kris - I like your suggestion about using banner graphic advertising - we all have experienced digital distraction and using banners is a good way to avoid the clutter and have prospects connect. :)
Nechole McSweeney  - www.ibosocial.com/NULMIndustries   4 day(s) ago
Thanks so much for sharing all of this great news Kris. I am still working on getting through each of the IBO family of websites to understand the benefits, but it is awesome at how much and how fast things are growing! Keep up the good work!
Jack Shea  - www.ibosocial.com/thewriter   4 day(s) ago
Just another great free product from IBO. IBO list is sure to be a winner thanks for all you do.
Katarina Hofbaur  - www.ibosocial.com/Team24   4 day(s) ago
Thanks for this valuable News! And thanks for the free credits! Have a Great Week everybody!
Erica Parks  - www.ibosocial.com/ecparks36   4 day(s) ago
Happy March everyone! Don't forget to check out this months newsletter.
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Great and exciting development with IBOList. Thanks IBO
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Exciting new at IBO!
Athena Gay  - www.ibosocial.com/AthenaGlobal   4 day(s) ago
Oh my goodness, Kris, I really wish I can post a picture of how I feel right now about the new IBOlist! What a wonderful opportunity that I hope everyone takes early advantage of. This is going to be a banner year (excuse the pun) for IBO and I am excited to be a part of something huge! Well done, Team IBO! :)