Welcome to IBOtoolbox News!
Welcome to Issue 187 of IBOtoolbox News! IBOtoolbox is a marketer's dream come true! Members at IBO are encouraged to build a business relationship first over trying to sell your business to other members. It's all about offering value which in turn opens the door of opportunity to connect with each other based on a sincere interest and finding a common thread. If you do this, business will more than likely flow naturally! Make sure to share this newsletter with your team and invite them to join IBOtoolbox with you! Thank you for reading IBOtoolbox News, enjoy your newsletter!

Here's What's Happening at IBOtoolbox!
Traffic at IBOtoolbox is going through the roof! We are about to finish the month of August with over 10 million visitors! These visitors are finding you based on the content tht you have put into IBO. You didn't have to chase these visitors to come to you, rather they have "hunted" for what you have to offer. Just by writing press releases, posting videos to your profile, running banner and listing ads, and completing your profile - you are being found! Everything you do on IBO gets indexed in the search engines. It can't be said enough that 96% of the traffic that comes to IBO is non-member traffic. The more you put into IBO, the more likely you will be found! Is it worth it? It absolutely is!

The remaining 4% traffic is member traffic. These are the people that you spend time with building relationships by commenting, sharing and liking other their wall posts, PRs and videos - supporting them through IBOspirit! These are not the people you are advertising to. They are other like minded business owners and you can network and associate with them, but they are not your prospects. Once you really understand this, there is no limit as to how powerful IBO can be for you!
Understanding How IBOtoolbox Works - Training
There are three different websites that make up IBOtoolbox. If you understand how each one of these sites play a part in helping you build your business and get you in front of your target market, it can make your experience and results that much more powerful!

IBOtoolbox.com - IBOtoolbox is really your back office where you enter in your information and content. You will post your banner and listing ads, press releases and videos plus complete your profile. IBOtoolbox houses all of your tools, apps and widgets that play an important role in building your business. Members who take the time to familiarize themselves and utilize everything that IBO has to offer see more success in their business!

IBOsocial.com/USERNAME - IBOsocial is your public storefront. This is where the outside traffic sees you. Your press releases, videos and links are visable here along with your information, your picture and your ads and other social networks. All of your IBO widgets/apps (wall plates, dynamic email signature, IBOurls) all point back to your IBOsocial profile.

Homebizblogs.com - Homebizblogs is a search engine catchers mitt. This is where your press releases are automatically posted to along with linking back to your IBOsocial page. The most important thing to keep in mind is where your information is being displayed. Remember that 96 percent of the traffic that IBO receives is non-member traffic. That being said, realize that your wall posts, press releases and comments show up on IBOsocial main hub and on your IBOsocial profile!

Looking for additional training on IBOtoolbox? Check out MarketWithKris.com Online Marketing Training Platform. Register for free and earn up to 2000 IBO credits for completing the IBOtoolbox Training!
IBOtoolbox Tip of the Week!
Being an associate does not mean that you are a prospect. If you associate with someone that sends you messages or chats that you don't want, remember that you are always in control. Simply un-associate with them by clicking on their name which brings up the IBO Member Viewer screen. In the middle of the screen where you see Associate Status, click on "remove associate" next to the red circle with the X in the middle.

Special Note: Looking for more tips? Just visit the IBOhelpdesk FAQ Section!
IBOtoolbox Training Webinar Information
By attending the IBO webinars, members will learn how to use the platform and utilize all the tools to get results! If you are already a member, invite guests to attend so they can see first hand how IBOtoolbox can take their business to the next level!

Webinar Information: IBO Training Webinars are held twice a week on Wednesdays at 8:00 PM EST and Saturdays at 12:00 PM EST. All attendees must register for each webinar by visiting www.ibourl.com/webinar Once you register for the webinar, you will receive your personalized entry link in an email from GoToWebinar. Emails will also go out prior to the webinar as reminders. Make sure to register for the next upcoming webinar now! If you happen to miss a webinar, no worries! Webinars are recorded and the latest one is available to view here!

IBO webinars are a fantastic recruiting tool as well as a great opportunity to introduce people to IBOtoolbox by offering them something that is this valuable, could very well lead to opportunity for you in the future! Whether you are just getting started with IBOtoolbox or are a veteran member, training is critical to your success. Attendees receive a credit code worth 200 credits at the end of the webinar that can be redeemed for advertising!
IBO's Family of Websites!
IBOtoolbox consists of a whole family of websites! Each website/platform runs independently and offers you a different resource to help you take your business to the next level! Members will need to register for each platform.

IBOtoolbox This is really your back office where you complete your profile, set up advertising, write press releases, post videos, post on the wall and interact with the other members.

IBOsocial Profiles Everyone has a profile page that is visible to the public. Everything you do on IBOtoolbox is seen on your profile page.

IBOaffilate Network At IBOaffiliate merchants join the network and offer commissions to affiliates (you) who promote their products and services for them.

IBObanners At IBObanners you have access to a huge banner library, unlimited banner hosting, and a banner maker/creator where you can design your own banners from scratch or use one of the many templates and personalize it with your own text.

IBOtube Media Sharing Platform Create your own channel and upload videos, photos, audios as well as participate in the forums and join or start a new group.

IBOlist Classified Ad System IBOlist classified ad system is a modern version of Craigslist being 100% dedicated to Independent Business Owners, Internet marketers, MLMers, and affiliate marketers. This system is SEO optimized, equipped with social media sharing, comment/feedback system and mobile optimized.

IBOexchange Social Media Traffic Exchange This is a traffic exchange and more. You pick and choose who you want to follow on other social networks. You can also get more likes, followers and views to your website or social media pages. You earn coins for each exchange you make.

IBO will continue to grow and expand! Those members who embrace everything that IBO has to offer will no doubt have the advantage over their competition! Go IBO!
Raving Reviews!
People love to hear and read reviews! Reviews help improve the rankings - this helps everyone, not just IBOtoolbox! You can write a review on IBOtoolbox.com, IBOsocial.com or IBOurl.com Just visit Alexa and write a review on one or all three sites!
Newsletter Credit Code
We would like to thank you for reading the IBOtoolbox newsletter. As a reward for being an active member with the IBOtoolbox platform we would like to award you with a credit code. This credit code can be redeemed for advertising within the IBOtoolbox platform! Credit Code: "news-value" To redeem the credit code, log into IBOtoolbox, click on "Credit Center", scroll down to "Redeem Credit Coupons", enter in the code, and click "redeem". Credit code expires on the release of the next edition. Thank you for using IBOtoolbox!
Banners, Graphics, and More...
When you are marketing on the Internet, the most important piece of your marketing is advertising. Banner graphics and other graphics will get you a much higher click through rate than any other type of advertising. When you couple that with a site like IBOtoolbox that does all the targeting and positioning for you, you have a huge advantage over your competition.

Believe it or not, some can really mess this up by skimping on their advertising by using free banner makers. Worse yet, people viewing these banner graphics can tell. More times than none, the website of the maker you used to design your "free" banner is prominently displayed on your banner to help promote the banner site and cannot be removed. In exchange for them offering a free service, you are helping to advertise and brand them, not you.

Every banner graphic designed at Bizopbanners is unique to the person ordering. I invite you to come over and take a look at how I can help you promote your business, and while you're there make sure to click here to read what other IBO members are saying about their experience with Bizopbanners!

If you would like a professional designed custom banner graphic for your business, make sure to visit Bizopbanners today to see how I can help you.

Back by popular demand!! Special BUSINESS BUILDER IBOstarter Pack: Purchase any 728X90 banner, static or animated - receive a FREE duplicate 468X60 banner to run on your IBOsocial profile page! Click here to place your order. Free set up and activation in your IBOtoolbox account as well as free hosting is included for both banners plus 1000 IBO credits transferred to your account!

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vinton samms  - www.ibosocial.com/Vintonsam   32 hour(s) ago
I enjoy these weekly updates, so please keep them coming. I would also like to thank the team that has put this together. Awesome guys. Vinton
Bill Hager  - www.ibosocial.com/Ironsides   60 hour(s) ago
Kris very good read as usual
Lesley Pope  - www.ibosocial.com/Lesley   2 day(s) ago
Kris, thanks for the reminder that we are being 'hunted' by using IBO. That's the sort of traffic we need.
David Sharp  - www.ibosocial.com/davidgsharp   3 day(s) ago
It's quite amazing to think that the traffic here on IBOtoolbox has exceeded 10,000,000 visitors this month alone.
Fred Mugone  - www.ibosocial.com/fredds   3 day(s) ago
Kriss, great training, tips, and a reminder of the basics: 4% (400,000) of the traffic is member traffic (who are NOT our prospects but who we should be building relationships with), while 96% (9,600,000) is non member traffic - traffic that comes hunting for what we IBO members have to offer.
Sule Yesufu  - www.ibosocial.com/sdymanagers   3 day(s) ago
Issue 187 is a bundle of information. Many thanks Kris.
Bill Straub  - www.ibosocial.com/BillStraubTeam24k   3 day(s) ago
Kris, thanks for another informative newsletter and IBOtoolbox Tip of the Week!
Mary Mirembe  - www.ibosocial.com/mmirembe   3 day(s) ago
Thanks Kris for the training updates and the important part you've played in the growth of this platform. Go IBO!
Dr Gerard Saltibus MD  - www.ibosocial.com/easycare   4 day(s) ago
IBO's Newsletter is an always welcomed resource. Thanks for the reminders.
Todd Treharne  - www.ibosocial.com/ToddTreharne   4 day(s) ago
over 10 million visitors! WOOZER! I hope everyone is grasping the magnitude and the leverage we have here! Thank you so much for all the efforts Kris! Grateful for YOU!
Roger Waibel  - www.ibosocial.com/LEGACYLIFE   4 day(s) ago
Cannot emphasize enough the importance of writing an publishing press releases as well as the use of videos. This is great information to share with those IBO members who are not fully taking advantage of what this platform offers. 10MM visitors is quite an accomplishment.
Lis Berridge  - www.ibosocial.com/lis247   4 day(s) ago
Great information and training for newbies like me.
Keith Boyd  - www.ibosocial.com/pkboneeas   4 day(s) ago
Thank you for helping us understand how IBO works. IBO Rocks!
Curtiss Martin  - www.ibosocial.com/Nove_Noga   4 day(s) ago
Congratulations to IBO Toolbox for being able to reach the 10 million visits goal. Congratulations also to Kris Karafotas for efforts in our Training, Webinars and Newsletters. Go IBO!
Louis Ifrene  - www.ibosocial.com/software500   4 day(s) ago
Thanks! Have a great day!
Terri Pattio  - www.ibosocial.com/mspattiomentor   4 day(s) ago
Another great newsletter Kris. Go IBO spirit! If you're not a member of IBOtoolbox, just click my name and sign up right now. It's free to join and grow your business. ~Terri Pattio - MLM Coach/Mentor with a servant's heart
Robert Taylor  - www.ibosocial.com/Specopmarine   4 day(s) ago
Always providing informative and valuable posts! Thanks for keeping us up to date Kris!
Spencer Taylor Jr  - www.ibosocial.com/emsllc   4 day(s) ago
Thanks for keeping the community informed about the happenings on IBO!
Athena Gay  - www.ibosocial.com/AthenaGlobal   4 day(s) ago
Happy Sunday, Kris! I look forward to our weekly newsletters which I use as a guideline to get things started for the new business week. Talk about value - I could not agree more! :)