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Welcome to Issue 115 of IBOtoolbox News! At IBOtoolbox, there really is something for every marketer! Not only do we have a great platform that we can meet and share ideas and strategies with other like minded marketers, we have a safehaven to promote our businesses, brand ourselves and get more exposure with our marketing efforts. I can't think of any other community that comes close to IBOtoolbox! Thank you for reading IBOtoolbox News, enjoy your newsletter!

Here's What's Happening at IBOtoolbox!
When you participate at IBOtoolbox, doing things that you normally would do on a daily basis on the Internet, you are rewarded! Just by publishing press releases, commenting on other member's PR's, videos, logging in daily and sharing IBO with others you are awarded with credits. These credits can be redeemed for adverting your business on the platform which will move your business forward and get the exposure you need to be successful! You also have the ability to earn even more credits through TrialPay. You can learn more about earning credits as well as purchasing credits and becoming an IBOcontributor, visit the credit center at IBOtoolbox!

Social Networking sites are designed to enable others to communicate with others, network and build relationships. IBOtoolbox is not any different. It's all about keeping it real and being real! That being said, IBOtoolbox prohibits the use of any kind of automated software. If you are found using this kind of software you will get your account suspended. You will have much better results just by being you, interacting and engaging with the other members!
Installing the IBO Facebook App - Training
If you incorporate Facebook in your marketing efforts, you will want to make sure that you install the IBOtoolbox Facebook application. By installing this app to your Facebook Fan/Like page, it will put a "Business Profile" tab on your Facebook page. This application is dynamic meaning that this content is updated by your activities while using IBOtoolbox! How cool is that!

IBOtoolbox News is looking for members that want to help out with the newsletter by being a Guest Writer. This is a great opportunity for you to earn an extra 500 credits and extra exposure and also help other members learn about the amazing tools and resources we have available to us here at IBO. We are looking for members to share their expertise or insight on how to use an IBO feature or tool; think of it as a training article. The article must be approximately 300-500 words. Please do not submit articles that serve as a promotion for IBOtoolbox. Send your article to editor@ibotoolboxnews.com If your article is selected, it will be published in the newsletter and appear here, giving you full credit as the Guest Writer with a link back to your IBOsocial profile page, along with awarding you 500 credits!
IBOtoolbox Tip of the Week!
By sharing other member wall posts, PR's and videos on your social networks, you are engaging in IBOspirit. When you do this, others will often return the favor. The members that participate in this see even greater results with IBOtoolbox and more traffic is generated!
IBOtoolbox Training Webinar Information
By attending the IBO webinars, members will learn how to use the platform and utilize all the tools to get results! If you are already a member, invite guests to attend so they can see first hand how IBOtoolbox can take their business to the next level!

Webinar Information: IBO Training Webinars are held twice a week on Wednesdays at 8:00 PM EST and Saturdays at 12:00 PM EST. All attendees must register for each webinar by visiting www.ibourl.com/webinar Once you register for the webinar, you will receive your personalized entry link in an email from GoToWebinar. Emails will also go out prior to the webinar as reminders. Make sure to register for the next upcoming webinar now!

IBO webinars are a fantastic recruiting tool as well as a great opportunity to introduce people to IBOtoolbox by offering them something that is this valuable, could very well lead to opportunity for you in the future! Whether you are just getting started with IBOtoolbox or are a veteran member, training is critical to your success. Attendees receive a credit code worth 200 credits at the end of the webinar that can be redeemed for advertising!
Member Testimonials
Wow, I started using IBOtoolbox and its great features and my business has doubled, and is continuing to grow daily. I use and participate in the platform daily. I have learned a lot from the IBO members, and can not believe all of the tools we get here at IBOtoolbox for free. This is an amazing platform and I would not be in business without it. Go IBO!

Richard Millner

Are you getting results with IBOtoolbox? We want to hear from you! Send your brief testimonial to editor@ibotoolboxnews.com we'll publish it here in the newsletter and it will be seen by thousands of people with a free backlink to your profile!
Raving Reviews!
People love to hear and read reviews! Reviews help improve the rankings - this helps everyone, not just IBOtoolbox! You can write a review on IBOtoolbox.com, IBOsocial.com or IBOurl.com Just visit Alexa and write a review on one or all three sites!
Newsletter Credit Code
We would like to thank you for reading the IBOtoolbox newsletter. As a reward for being an active member with the IBOtoolbox platform we would like to award you with a credit code. This credit code can be redeemed for advertising within the IBOtoolbox platform! This credit code can be redeemed for advertising within the IBOtoolbox platform! Credit Code: "news-getibospirit" To redeem the credit code, log into IBOtoolbox, click on "Credit Center", scroll down to "Redeem Credit Coupons", enter in the code, and click "redeem". Credit code expires on the release of the next edition. Thank you for using IBOtoolbox!
Banners, Graphics, and More...
Does the opportunity that you are promoting have marketing material such as banner graphics, splash pages for you to use in your advertising? If so, how many other members are utilizing those same graphics? Think about it for a second... If you are using the same banner graphics to promote your business as hundreds or thousands of other people are using to promote the same opportunity - what would make someone click on your banner versus someone else's? Nothing.

On the Internet and at IBOtoolbox, people are promoting the same opportunities. It's really important that your banner graphics and other marketing materials are "unique" and set you apart from the others. This is how you brand yourself on the Internet while promoting your opportunity at the same time. Set yourself aside from your competition, check out what I can offer you at BizOpBanners and while you are there, make sure to click here and find out what other IBO members are saying about their experience with Bizopbanners!

Make sure to click here and give BizOpBanners a "Like" on Facebook! You never know what I might be giving away next!

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Thanks Kris for everything...
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Thank you for yet more interesting information, Kris.
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Thanks for the advice and training in your newsletter. You always deliver good value to your members.
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Great newsletter and thanks for sharing!
Yesenia Lopez  2 day(s) ago
This is great and very usefull as well, really thank you it helps me at lot to learn more about IBOTOOL. I just have a question if someone can help me on that I'll apreciated it. How can I incorporated IBOtoolbox Facebook application to my facebook?
wellington warlock  3 day(s) ago
An awesome newsletter Kris You Rock!!!
said bouhouch  4 day(s) ago
thank you very much. that's great
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Thanks Again Kris, I always learn something new from the Newsletter, tips and testimonials. Also a reminder of how to get the best out of the tools available to us.
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IBOtoolbox is a great community for professional business owners. It's a no brainer for join because it's free to use all the tools we have access to. Always informative newsletter from Kris. ~Terri Pattio - MLM Coach/Mentor with a servant's heart
Darline Griffin  5 day(s) ago
Hey kris there is a problem with this video. Everything is backwards and I was unable to see some of the information you were talking about. Can you re-do it? I have another question. Would this app stop other apps that post our activity from other platforms? How many apps can we use on our business facebook pages posting our activity?
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great information. Thanks
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